3. Run a 10k

I've struggled for years with my weight and my health. A year and a half ago (when I was 28 and soon turning 29), I decided to finally make the changes I needed in my life and start exercising more and losing weight. At that time, as I was considering 30 for 30, I added "Run a 5k" to my list of probable items, seeing as it was a basic, but challenging distance for anyone who was currently not exercising and not particularly able to summit multiple flights of stairs. As my 29th year passed, however, I got into far better shape than I had imagined and made a much bigger dent than all my previous attempts past. So when I went to pen the final list, I changed this item to be a 10k instead, seeing that as an even more challenging distance and something that was further out of reach.

So I signed up for the Westport Young Women's League Mnuteman 10k - the first race I've ever participated in. I'd been training and my happy point would be to run it in under an hour, my goal to run it in less than 55 minutes. I'd been training enough to know that I'd be able to finish, but having never experienced a race and not being in very solid control of my pacing, I wasn't sure what to expect.

The day came. Well prepared I set out to Compo Beach in the morning after a Cliff Bar and a few cups of coffee. I had 15 minutes to hang out at the starting line where I happened to see a few co-workers and chatted with them about 30 for 30 and my goal for the day. Gunshot sounded, and off we went. The first 2 miles were easy and the 3rd mile really killed me. I pushed my pace for the whole second half and sure enough, I hit my time of 55 minutes.

Next year, I'll be trying to run a half marathon - that will truly be a challenge, but for now it's off to training for Rainier and learning how to swim for the sprint triathlon.