What's 30 for 30 all about?

I just turned 30 and to celebrate my 30th birthday, I've decided to do 30 things I've never done before in my life. Think of it like a bucket list, but no waiting until I'm too old to do these things. Some of these items have particular meaning, some don't; largely it's just a list of interesting things to go do. The list is audacious - part of the challenge is being able to complete everything in a year.

Where'd the list come from?

Many of the items are things I've always wanted to do. But many of them are suggestions from others. I spent 6 months prior asking my friends, family, and random people I met not what I should have on my list, but rather what they would put on their own "30 for 30 list". I collected hundreds of items (plenty of choices for 40 for 40 and 50 for 50). I whittled the list to the 30 things I was most interested in and voila!

What if I don't finish?

It will nonetheless be a pretty incredible year...